The proud owners of Calypso, winner of her class at the 2012 JRTCA National Trial
Our Breeding Goals:
Our goal is to breed healthy and conformationally correct terriers with an uncomplicated, biddable, friendly, and
social demeanor. We pride ourselves on breeding terriers who excel both in conformation and performance
events and are eager to act on generations of instincts while in the field. Most importantly, we believe a good
temperament is the most important quality a dog can possess.

We strive to produce well-rounded and versatile dogs who make great pets and are a joy to live with. We firmly
believe that any Jack Russell used for breeding purposes should show natural instinct and drive in the field.
While we are still new to field work, we have taken our JRT's out several times and they have proven to us that
they have the desire to work that the breed is known for. We look forward to future visits out in the field with
both friends and working judges!

All of our terriers are health tested for all (both required and recommended) genetic issues associated with the
JRT through OFFA - results are listed with the JRTCA Breeder's Health Directory and here on our website.
Daily Life Here at RavenWolf:
Our dogs are a very important
part of our daily life, each one
receiving individual attention
and training daily. We take all of
our dogs on group off-leash
hikes through our property as
much as possible; however our
dogs are all very laid back and
just as happy to sit on our lap
and watch television.
They LOVE to cuddle!

We feed a high-quality diet, give
our dogs a minimal amount of
vaccinations, and regularly titer
test to determine immunity
rather than over-vaccinate. We
also believe in the use of natural
(chemical-free) flea & tick

We compete with our terriers in
JRTCA trials all along the east
coast, including Canada. Our
dogs have proven themselves
in conformation (showing under
a judge and being judged on
breed standard), and
performance events. Our
terriers have done us proud!
RavenWolf Paparazzi
RavenWolf Apollo and RavenWolf Jabberwocky
RavenWolf Gryffindor and his dam, RavenWolf Paparazzi
RavenWolf Gryffindor
RavenWolf Gryffindor, our house cat Winter, and RavenWolf Celebration
RavenWolf  Jack  Russell  Terriers
209 Pierce Road, Townsend, Massachusetts, 01469
Phone: (339) 223-1002  Email:
About Us

"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog."
- Unknown
RavenWolf Gryffindor & Jennifer Pierce
RavenWolf Jabberwocky & Jennifer Hansen
We live in Townsend, Massachusetts with our horses, dogs, cats, and
geese. Besides the terriers, we also have a Rhodesian Ridgeback
and an Irish Setter. Our dogs spend plenty of time outside doing what
dogs love to do best; run off-leash, hunt, & play! All of our dogs live in
our home as our terriers are very sensitive and social dogs who prefer
to spend as much time with us as possible. We hold a valid breeding
license and are inspected yearly by the town's ACO.

We are pet professionals and own
Go Play!, a successful pet care
company located in Arlington; just outside of Boston. We are also
positive-reinforcement Obedience & Agility instructors. Jen P. is  the
co-chair of the
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network.

We are very selective about who may own a RavenWolf Terrier. If you
are interested in one of our terriers, please contact us or fill out our
puppy questionnaire. We do not ship puppies.
RavenWolf Paparazzi - 6 weeks old
What to Expect From a RavenWolf Terrier:
All puppies are started on crate training, leash training, obedience commands, and housebreaking at a very
young age. Puppies are introduced to grooming, nail clipping, and gentle handling from birth. Each puppy is
carefully temperament tested to ensure placement with the best family. All puppies are not released until
they are at least 10 weeks old; starting at 8 weeks of age all puppies accompany us to work to socialize with
our daycare dogs. Puppies are sold with a health guarantee, and pet puppies sold without breeding rights (we
understand the importance of delaying spay / neuter surgery for health benefits.) Each puppy goes to their new
home crate trained, leashed trained, with a great start on beginning obedience behaviors and housebreaking,
vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, and with a puppy starter kit. Additionally, each family receives a one-year
membership to the Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network.

We are firm believers in providing socialization to puppies, especially between the crucial 4 - 12 week period of
their lives. It is during that time that they learn to be confident, kind, and well-adjusted adults who are suited to
be an ideal family pet. Our terriers have been provided with the best possible socialization from a young age.
By coming to work with us daily, our terriers are introduced to other friendly dogs and encouraged to be part of
our busy daycare pack. They play with our house cats and other dogs of all shapes and sizes, and ages. This
results in a happy and social terrier that is elated to meet other dogs and cats throughout their lives. It is not
uncommon for us to have 3 or 4 breeding stock terriers playing with the daycare pack at one time!

Our terriers are always complimented for their kind temperaments. Puppies are introduced to every client who
comes into our daycare; men, women, and children. They see delivery people, police officers, construction
workers, babies in strollers, etc. We also work each puppy on becoming comfortable to road noises, buses,
sirens, traffic, bikes, joggers, etc. Our goal is to make each learning experience positive and fun for the puppy.

By the time your puppy joins your family, they have all of the important foundation work to prepare them for a
happy life. We are adamant about staying in close contact with all of our terriers and their new family.
Full Moon Farm - November, 2014
Little Eden Gwen