"Live like someone left the gate open."
- Unknown

About Jack Russell Terriers:
The Jack Russell is the perfect breed for us, but not for everyone. Unfortunately, these great little dogs often get
a 'bad rap.' Because the Jack Russell Terrier has a "never give up" attitude, combined with intelligence, a
sense of humor, a high prey drive, a love of life, and a great work ethic, they can be overwhelming for an
unsuspecting owner. A Jack Russell Terrier needs to spend a lot of time with his people and needs an owner
dedicated to providing him with enough exercise, attention, and training. In return, he will be the best dog ever!

Our terriers are incredibly social with people and other dogs. Several of our terriers also enjoy the company of
our house cats. Each one of our terriers thrives on individual attention and they all love to train for obedience,
agility, the show ring, rally-obedience, and scentwork. We find our own dogs to require only moderate exercise.
We have very laid-back terriers content to spend a rainy day snuggling on the couch. However, once out in the
hunt field or at a terrier trial, they have nothing but work on their minds! They can be quite stubborn. :-)

This breed should have a calm, confident, firm, and kind owner. Terriers do not do well with an anxious owner;
they need a quiet leader that is able to earn their respect without resorting to physical corrections. This breed
needs exercise, training, discipline, and a lot of love to thrive.
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About the Jack Russell
RavenWolf Apollo enjoying a relaxing mud facial treatment
Little Eden Scarlett pathetically begging for  a treat
RavenWolf Celebration getting a tummy rub from Grandma Hansen
Jack Russell Terrier Facts:
Size: 10' - 15" tall at the withers (usually between 10 - 20lbs)
Coat: Smooth, Broken, or Rough. All three coat types shed, with the smooth
shedding the most. Coats should be handstripped to maintain quality and texture.
Color: More than 51% white with tan, black / white, or tricolor markings.
Lifespan: 12 - 16 years.
Characteristics: The terrier must present a lively, active and alert appearance. It
should impress with its fearless and happy disposition. It should be remembered
that the Jack Russell is a working terrier and should retain these instincts.
Nervousness, cowardice or over-aggressiveness should be discouraged and it
should always appear confident.
(Taken from the JRTCA breed standard)
Jack Russell Terrier Myths vs. Facts: Bad Dog Talk
Myth: "Jack Russells are very aggressive":
Fact: Many people mistake aggression and drive. A dog can have a high drive
(hunting, chasing, agility, fly ball, etc.) without being aggressive. Aggression is a
serious fault in the breed and not something to be tolerated or encouraged.

Myth: "Jack Russells are very hyper":
Fact: Certain bloodlines seem to be more active and require more exercise than
others. Our own dogs would never be described as hyper; in the house they are
polite, quiet, and are very laid back. Once outside, our dogs are active and enjoy
exercise, but do not have as nearly as much energy as a sporting breed such as
a Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, or Poodle.

Myth: "Jack Russells can't get along with other dogs or other animals":
Fact: A well-bred, well-socialized terrier shouldn't have overt aggression toward
other dogs. Our dogs are well-socialized from birth with other dogs of all sizes.
Our puppies are all socialized with our house cats as well; some terriers will be
able to reside with (or even befriend) a house cat.

Myth: "Jack Russells aren't good apartment dogs":
Fact: While any self-respecting terrier would prefer to have acreage to run and
play on, there's no reason a terrier can't thrive in apartment living with a dedicated
owner. We lived in a small apartment in the city before we bought our farm and
our terriers were as happy, healthy, and easy going as they are now.
RavenWolf Apollo - rough coat
RavenWolf Celebration - smooth coat
RavenWolf Gryffindor - lightly broken coat