"Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."
- Theodore Roosevelt
RavenWolf Jabberwocky
We couldn't be prouder of our
homebred boys. Besides being
driven in the field, they've
represented themselves well in
the show ring. Most importantly,
they are kind and easy to live with
and extremely social with other
dogs both at home and while out
on adventures. What well-trained,
well-socialized, and polite
gentlemen these boys are!

Our boys are well-versed in
obedience and agility work. They
love to lure course and have been
very easy to train. They are highly
intelligent and eager to please.
They are also incredibly showy in
the ring.

Our boys have been tested for
PLL, SCA, and DM. They are
also BAER tested as puppies and
CAER tested yearly. Individual
test results can be seen on each
boy's personal page as well as on
JRTCA Health Registry site.
RavenWolf  Jack  Russell  Terriers
209 Pierce Road, Townsend, Massachusetts, 01469
Phone: (339) 223-1002  Email: RavenWolfJRTS@yahoo.com
Our Boys
RavenWolf Apollo
Apollo is probably the cutest, fuzziest, and sweetest guy in the world!
He's an awesome little guy, incredibly laid back and calm in the house.
However, once on a mission he's all business! He loves to help with
chores around the farm and keep us laughing with his adorable fuzzy
face! He's a little character and we just adore him.
RavenWolf Zak
Zak is best described in one word - AWESOME! There's nothing this big boy
can't do - he loves to work and is very trainable. This outstanding individual
has his flyball ONYX title - earning over 20,000 points!

Tall, lean, and athletic like his sire
Kimberwicke American Idol, he also
inherited his easy going and kind temperament. His intense focus, drive, and
love of play came straight from his dam Calypso.

Zak is a fun-loving and laid back guy who is always up for an adventure. He is
well loved by his owner Stacey Manley and lives with his little sister
RavenWolf Witching Hour as well as two Giant Schnauzers!
RavenWolf Zak
RavenWolf Apollo
RavenWolf Bentley
Bentley is a handsome boy who has made
us so proud. He has won multiple
championships & reserves in the ring,
topped with a win at Nationals in 2011.

Bentley is now siring champions of his own.
We are so happy this sweet and lovable
terrier has his forever home with his owner
Susan Smith in Michigan. Bentley really is a
special guy who deserves the best!