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In Memory
Kimberwicke American Idol
This tiny little funny-eared dog
was our first introduction to the
JRT. She was a sweet and fun
pet who loved playing,
swimming, and squeaky toys.

It was Gillian who made us
want to become reputable
breeders; she was such a
friendly and happy terrier and
taught us the importance of a
great temperament.

She will always be missed, and
never be forgotten.........
Best Foreign Bred Terrier
- JRTCC National Trial
Reserve Best Open Dog - JRTCC National Trial
Multiple Times Best New England Bred Terrier
Multiple wins in Conformation
, including at the Canadian Nationals
Multiple wins in Suitability to Raccoon / Badger, including Nationals
Multiple Times Reserve Best Dog Puppy
Trailing & Locating Champion
- Sunny Hill
Reserve Champion Barn Hunt - Northgate
Reserve Champion Lure Coursing - Northgate
Multiple Placements in Racing at JRTCA & JRTCC Nationals
Kimberwicke American Idol - aka "Simon" was a beautiful individual
sire; only bred twice, he produced 3 conformation champions.

Most importantly, Simon had an exceptional temperament. He was a  
gentleman in every situation and loved to snuggle on the couch.
He truly was an all-around amazing dog.

Sadly, we lost Simon unexpectedly at the end of May 2012 to a reaction
to a routine rabies vaccination. Our lives will never be the same without
him and our hearts are broken. We are fortunate to have his offspring
and hope they continue his legacy of producing kind and gentle terriers.
Kimberwicke American Idol