"Cause I'm gonna make you see, there's nobody
else here......no one like me. I'm special, so special,
I gotta have some of your attention - give it to me."
-Brass In Pocket, the Pretenders

Call Name: Glee
I thought Glee's site page would be the easiest for me to write, but I was
wrong. She is so special to me, I'm not sure where even to start.

This magnificent gal is hard to put into words, but her essence evokes strong
feelings by all who are familiar with her pedigree.....she's beautiful to look at
with her striking coloring and soul-piercing expression, but it's her 'look at me'
attitude that takes the cake. When I watch her float around the yard, I get
goosebumps....her movement is so effortless and elegant and she never puts
a foot out of place - she always knows where she's going! This special girl is
always on a mission and I swear, if she had thumbs she'd be running the
world by now.

An impressively built terrier, Glee is very narrow with a fantastic shoulder.
She's nicely balanced with a beautiful neck, strong rear, and iron-hard coat.
Her personality is simply delightful; she always aims to please yet
*sometimes* can't control the delightfully naughty streak that courses through
her veins... (courtesy of great-grandmother

Glee is the combination of several of our favorite dogs. Here is a strong bitch
bred to do her job well and look good while doing it!  Glee has an important
role in the future of our breeding program.

We think she's well up to the task!
JRTCA Registered
DOB: 6 / 12 / 16
Height: 13"
Color: Tri-color
Coat: Broken
PLL: Clear by Descent
SCA: Clear by Descent
DM: Clear by Descent
BAER: Normal
CAER: Normal 12/27/17


Glee's Sire: Little Eden Leo                                  Glee's Dam: RavenWolf Paparazzi
RavenWolf  Jack  Russell  Terriers
209 Pierce Road, Townsend, Massachusetts, 01469
Phone: (339) 223-1002  Email: RavenWolfJRTS@yahoo.com
RavenWolf Brass In Pocket
Glee will make her debut at the
2017 Yankee Trials
RavenWolf Paparazzi