"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love is deep, the more I give to thee
The more I have; for both are infinite."
-William Shakespeare

Call Name: Gaga

Gaga has been everything we could have hoped for......plus so much more.
When we planned the cross of  
Jabber and Gwen, Gaga was the puppy I had
pictured in my head of the ideal result. She really is a dream come true!

True to her name, Gaga is a little firecracker in the show ring, trotting her way
to many blue ribbons. :-) She also loves to pose for the camera, working on
several paid modeling gigs. She has a very high opinion of herself - and
rightfully so! This little diva is a very special addition to our breeding program.

A remarkably balanced bitch, there isn't one part of Gaga that's out of place.
Her extremely expressive eyes are filled with intelligence and devotion. We
love her feminine head, lovely elegant neck, beautiful shoulder, strong rear,
and effortless movement; she simply floats over the ground. Gaga sports a
much-desired easy coat; lush and thick with a hard-as-nails texture.

While Gaga is indeed a beautiful specimen, her personality is what truly
makes her remarkable. She is amazingly intuitive and instinctive; as if she's
able to read my mind. She's endearing and entertaining; lovable and
charismatic. She's serious yet silly, incredibly well-behaved with a little bit of a
wild side, and engaging with people and other dogs.  Gaga has her AKC
CGC title as well and will be an excellent therapy dog.

True to her 'overachiever' nature, Gaga has blessed us with two beautiful
additions to our breeding program. Her son,
RavenWolf Gryffindor is her
carbon copy - but in a masculine version! Her daughter, RavenWolf Glee, is a
stunning young girl with unlimited potential - we can't wait for her to grow up!

Isn't it obvious how 'gaga' we are for our Gaga?
DOB: 12 / 8 / 12
Height: 14"
Color: Tri-color
Coat: Lightly Broken
PLL: Tested Clear
SCA: Clear by Descent
DM: Clear by Descent
BAER: Normal
CAER: Normal 12/29/16
Confetti's Sire: RavenWolf Jabberwocky                                        Confetti's Dam: Little Eden Gwen
RavenWolf  Jack  Russell  Terriers
209 Pierce Road, Townsend, Massachusetts, 01469
Phone: (339) 223-1002  Email: RavenWolfJRTS@yahoo.com
RavenWolf Paparazzi, CGC
Multiple Times Reserve Puppy

Multiple Times Best Puppy Bitch

Best Yankee Member Owned
Terrier - 2014 & 2017 Trials

Winner of multiple conformation
and suitability classes
RavenWolf Jabberwocky
Little Eden Gwen
RavenWolf Paparazzi
RavenWolf Paparazzi with her son Gryffindor