Pet Sitting!  

Sometimes, boarding your dog doesn't seem appealing. Many dogs do not do well in a boarding kennel; some
kennels are crowded and loud and this can be upsetting for your dog. If your dog would prefer to stay home
while you're away, consider a pet sitter!
At this time, we offer pet sitting to only our existing clients.

To keep your dog on his normal schedule, we will visit your home as often as you need and follow your
detailed instructions. Visits include a potty break, exercise, fresh water, meals, mail & newspaper retrieval,
houseplant care, and other household chores. We will also care for your cat or other small pets.

If your dog has passed our daycare evaluation, we will shuttle him to and from
daycare each day. At the end
of the day, we will shuttle your dog back home and provide a bedtime potty break. Your dog will sleep
soundly in the comfort of his own home! We provide frequent email or phone updates to you.


Home Visits Only:
Arlington Residents: $65.00
per day for (1) dog
Belmont / Lexington / Winchester / Medford Residents: $80.00 per day for (1) dog
This will include 3 visits (1 in morning, 1 afternoon, 1 evening) to your home to feed, walk, and play with
your dog. Add $10.00 per day for each additional pet. This package is ideal for an older dog who is content to
stay at home during the day, or dogs who do well at home alone.
If additional visits are required, additional fees will apply.

Daycare / Pet Sitting Combo: (Dogs must be a regular daycare client)
Arlington Residents: $80.00
per day for (1) dog
Belmont / Lexington / Winchester / Medford Residents: $90.00 per day for (1) dog
This will include feeding your dog his meals, a morning walk, shuttle to our facility for the day, full day
daycare, shuttle home, and a bedtime potty walk. Additional dogs charged daycare fees only. Add $10.00 per
day for cat care. This package is ideal for active dogs who need to go to the bathroom frequently and would
prefer a lot of attention during the day.

First time clients: we MUST meet your dog at home for a free 30-minute consultation. This ensures we
meet all animals under our care and everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. If the consultation is
longer than 30-minutes or an additional trip to your home is necessary, a fee will be charged.

Please click here to read about our policies and rewards program for frequent clients!
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