Daily Dog Walking!  

Some dogs prefer a long, leisurely walk while others like to pick up the pace. Some dogs don't care for walks
at all, and would rather retrieve toys or play tug! Our dog walking services will tailor itself to your pet's
personality - we will entertain your pet however you would prefer.

Our dog walking services include a full 20 or 30-minute visit complete with exercise session, potty break,
fresh water, and any meals or treats you'd like us to give.

Because we are a small company and do not sub-contract any services, we must ensure your dog is
comfortable with our entire staff. We understand your dog may develop a special bond with a particular staff
member and make every attempt to keep your dog happy by sending his favorite person as much as possible!

1/8/18: We are booked for dog walks at this time. If you'd like to get on our waiting list to set up a
consultation, please
contact us to make an appointment. Vaccinations must be verified before a
consultation will be scheduled.

$15.00 for one dog (one 20-minute visit between 11am - 4pm)
$18.00 for one dog (one 30-minute visit before 11am or after 4pm)
$5.00 per additional dog per visit.

First time clients: we MUST meet your dog at home for a free 30-minute consultation. This ensures we
meet all animals under our care and everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. If the consultation is
longer than 30-minutes or an additional trip to your home is necessary, a fee will be charged.

Please click here to read about our policies and rewards program for frequent clients!
1046 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA, 02476.  
(781) 325 - 6088
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Our Hours:
Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: Grooming by appointment only